Bobby is a Certified PGA Professional with almost twenty years of golf coaching and teaching experience.
Born and raised in Botswana, Bobby learned how to play golf on dusty, stone-riddled fairways and ‘browns’; sand coated in oil to putt on!

His love for golf was cemented when his family moved to the capital Gaborone, starting Bobby’s successful amateur career playing throughout Southern Africa and International tournaments.

By the age of 21, Bobby’s passion for golf had taken him to San Diego, completing a Business Associate’s Degree in Golf Management before turning professional.

While golf is an individual sport, Bobby’s favourite aspect of the game has always been the community it creates. After playing professionally on the Sunshine Tour, hitting alongside Ernie Els and Nick Price, Bobby found his community in the off-season at the Simon Holmes Golf Academy in Berlin.

Shadowing Simon’s work with top students on the European and LPGA Tours, and helping out with individual and group lessons, Bobby’s focus shifted from his professional career to becoming a golf instructor.

Bobby joined the Simon Holmes Golf Academy onboard a new residential ship, The World, before becoming the Sports and Golf Director and coaching on some of the best courses in the world. For the next five years, Bobby sailed the seas (a long way from land-locked Botswana!) sharing his knowledge of the game.

These days, Bobby has swapped the high sea for Sydney with his wife Kirstie and two beautiful daughters, creating a new community through his golf coaching and Academy.

Bobby’s coaching philosophy

As a professional and now a PGA Coach, Bobby truly believes that everyone can improve their game with the right focus, time and patience. Bobby doesn’t take a one-size-fits-all approach, instead preferring to blend his unique experience with an understanding of his client’s personal golf goals.

Bobby is TPI Certified, with Advanced Coaching and Game Development qualifications. Bobby knows that no two golfers are the same: that’s why he works with all of his clients to assess their game and physical movement, before mapping out a golfing blueprint for their ongoing success.

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A personal approach, with your needs and game in mind!

Whether you work with Bobby in person or through his golf video lessons, with his personalised teaching philosophy you can trust that Bobby will help improve your game, keep you accountable and ensure you have fun along the way.