Online Golf Coaching

Continue your golf training away from the range and stay connected to your coach.

Remote coaching is not only valuable for out-of-town students, it is also a helpful addition to in-person lessons.


Learn at Your Pace

Learn at Your Pace

With Skillest you pick when you learn, meaning you can improve your game from anywhere in the world at any time!

Set Goals and Record Milestones

Set Goals and Record Milestones

With specially tailored golf drills, each online lesson is specific to you and your golf, no matter your skill level.

Practice On The Course

Practice On The Course

With video you can take your teaching to the course, recording your improvements and working on specific situations.


Easy To Use App

The Skillest App keeps your learning and golf communication in one place. You can rewatch drills and talk directly to your coach.


Single Lesson

  • Single online lesson.
  • Error identification and explanation of why you hit the shots you hit along with a detailed analysis of your golf swing using Skillest’s analytical tool.
  • Personalised drills to help improve your swing.
  • Custom video from Bobby demonstrating the drill that you need to work on moving forward.

2 Lesson Package

  • Two online lessons.
  • Perfect for splitting long game and short game concepts.
  • Detailed video analysis of your golf swing using Skillest’s analytical tool.
  • Personalised drills catered to your swing.
  • Customised videos demonstrating what you need to work on and how your swing/body will work.

Unlimited Monthly Plan

  • 24/7 Swing Support
  • Using Skillest’s analytical tool I can give you a comprehensive analysis of your swing.
  • Personalised goal setting and live video session with Bobby, to work on specific drills and improvements.
  • Customised videos of myself demonstrating exactly what you need to work on and how your swing and body will continue to improve.

how it works

The all-in-one training platform Skillest allows us to focus on communication, collaboration and performance analysis.

Once you’ve chosen your lesson package, we can then tailor our lessons to help your game, creating bespoke videos and analysis.

Using the app, simply capture your swing and start setting your goals.


Step-By-Step Guide


Your journey starts with downloading the Skillest app, which is available on Apple & Android devices. Once you download and install, you’ll be required to register and fill in some basic information to complete your profile.
Download Skillest App


Use the search icon to type in “Bobby Walia”, and you should see the correct profile pop up!

From here you can see all of my information including location, response times and review. You can even chat with me, this is a great way to ask questions before you get started.

Bobby Walia Profile


When you are ready to proceed, on my profile you will see “Online Lessons”. Tap this and you will see the available options for lessons. You can choose a single lesson, 2 lesson package or a monthly plan.

Which you choose is up to you, whether you want a one-off lesson to fix a problem or are just starting out, or ongoing support. I’m happy to work with any golfer who wants to improve!

Choose your plan


Once you’ve selected your plan it’s time to send your swing over to me. You can use the Skillest app to send your swing (See below for the best tips on how to send your swing). Send multiple angles with multiple clubs, this way I can see how each type of shot changes your swing.

Swing lessons online


Once I have received your videos I can provide feedback, tips and drills for you to follow. Whether you are struggling with a slice, topping the ball or just want to get a bit more distance with your driver. I will provide personalised video feedback and instructions to help your game!

Online swing coaching


Correctly setting up your phone’s height, angles and frame rates is essential for a good swing analysis.

Following a few simple guidelines can make a big difference.

In this short video, Bobby explains exactly how to set up and record to produce the best results.

Quick tips

  • Film in slow motion (240fps)
  • Position your phone/camera lens at hand-height
  • Use alignment sticks if you have them
  • For ‘face-on’, stand square to the camera
  • For ‘down-the-line’, stand perfectly side on


If you’re having any difficulty in recording or uploading your swing, let us know.