12 years ago I was diagnosed with a bulging disc during my final year of the PGA Traineeship. On top of that, my wife and I were expecting our first child. Golf was one thing, but my biggest fear was not being able to pick a newborn child out of a cot.

I could not swing a golf club without excruciating pain, nor could I walk 50 meters without having to stretch my back and try to regain feeling in the toes of my feet which regularly went numb.

I was at my wits end, and needed help… desperately! I was introduced to (Elastic Golf’s Co-Founder) Kam Bhabra who had an unbelievable reputation working with some of the world’s top soccer players at Arsenal Football Club and PGA Tour Players. Surely if these players entrusted their careers to him, he would be able to help me out!

And boy did he help me out! Kam immediately got to work on my core. My hamstrings were tight, glutes weak and I essentially had no support for my back. After six intensive months, I had no more issues with my back and was slowly starting to build an elastic body.

The great thing about working with Kam is that I was always given “homework” and a lot of my strengthening was by continuously working on provided exercises outside of the Physio Room.

I continue to do Kam’s exercises religiously and me and my body have never felt better.

I am very excited to see Elastic Golf has all of the exercises that helped me through my rehabilitation process, as well as the exercises that I currently do to stay strong.

As a golf coach, I try to get the most out of my clients bodies rather than try to make them swing like what we see the world best golfers do. The exercises provided within the Elastic Golf app, set you up on the right path and help you get the most out of your body.

I truly believe in Elastic Golf and know that it will help your body and golf game!

What is Elastic Golf?

Elastic Golf is a new golf fitness mobile app with the sole purpose of enabling golfers of every level to play better, stronger and more consistent golf. 

The Elastic Golf philosophy is to build golf fitness from the ground up. We focus on developing better functional strength, balance, flexibility and postural control. This approach is proven to prevent injury and compound the results of specialist training like power and swing speed.

Our Elastic Golfers have experienced significant improvements in performance, a reduction in pain and greater physical capability.  

The full product has launched after an intensive testing and evaluation period with over 80 golfers participating; from tour pros to brand new golfers. 

Containing over 30 golf specific programs and 130 on demand workouts; every golfer can unlock better golf. The training library is constantly evolving, with new programs and workouts added monthly.

Affiliate Code

Our friends at Elastic Golf have been kind enough to provide me with an affiliate code that you can use!

This code will give a one time 20% discount to any Elastic Golf subscription for all new first time subscribers.

Code: EGBW20

How to download and sign up in 5 steps

  • Search the App or Play stores for Elastic Golf.
  • Download the app and tap “Visit our website for registration information”
  • Select a trial or plan and complete the sign up form.
  • Accept invitation via email and set a password.
  • Sign in and train.

hi, I’m Bobby Walia

Bobby is fast earning a reputation as one of the best and most innovative golf coaches in Australia. He brings over 15 years of international experience to his teaching. From playing professionally on the Sunshine Tour in South Africa, to his adventures studying and coaching in San Diego and Berlin, Bobby has also hosted clients on many of the world's best golf courses.

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