When I ask my students what the most important thing they are looking to get out of their lesson, the most popular response I hear is: ‘I just need a little more consistency in my game’.

My job as a golf coach is to explore where a student feels like they lack that consistency. All too often, the answer is extremely vague with “ I need more distance” or “I need to hit the ball straighter”. Whilst I believe that these are valid and extremely common grievances, the question still remains… how do I become a more consistent golfer?


What Is Consistency In Golf?

To understand how to improve your consistency in golf, it is important to first have a solid understanding of exactly what consistency means in golf. A consistent golf game is considered a solid golf swing that makes contact on a predictable, regular basis as well as solid scoring.

When a golf professional puts a good score together, they are not hitting every single fairway or hitting every shot absolutely perfectly. Rather, they are minimising mistakes, sticking to a game plan, making the right choices, and converting around the greens.


How Do I Improve My Consistency In Golf?

Below are eight tips on how to increase your consistency in golf.


1. Put in the prep

In golf, so much of the outcome depends on what happens before you even swing. Yes, warming up and doing practice drills prior to your game is important, but prep work also comes down to your body position, grip, hand position, and more.

If you do not have the correct positioning, your aim will be off every time. Here are some tips for getting started on proper positioning:

  • Keep your hand positions the same each time
  • Maintain grip pressure that is firm, not too strong or too soft
  • Be sure your knees have a gentle amount of flex and bend
  • Keep your weight over the balls of your feet (too much weight on your toes or heels will negatively affect your rotation)
  • Hinge forward slightly at the hips, letting arms hang forward naturally


2. Know your stats

When considering your consistency in gold, it is important to ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you know exactly how many fairways you are hitting?
  • Which direction are you missing your shots?
  • Are you hitting the green from 100 meters in?
  • When you chip the ball from off the green, are you leaving yourself a decent putt?
  • How many putts per round?

If you don’t know any of these statistics, it will be almost impossible to get better or more consistent in your golf game. If you need help determining your statistics, there are some great apps out there you may want to look into:

  • GolfShot
  • 18Birdies
  • Hole19Golf
  • SwingU
  • The Grint

These are great apps but statistics don’t have to be so detailed. A simple pad of paper and a pen can also help you track your statistics. Knowing your game really helps you focus on what areas need the most practice.

Tying the back and down swing together


3. Focus on the basics

When practicing, people will all too often just hit golf balls without focusing on how they are setting up to the golf ball, how they are aiming, how loose their grip is, etc.

Get your fundamentals right and you will feel more comfortable over the golf ball on the course. Hint: Practice isn’t limited to the driving range or dependent on the weather. Aspects such as your posture, swing, balance, and grip can all be practiced right in the comfort of your own home!


4. Build your balance

Assuming a shot is finished as soon as you hit the ball is a sure way to decrease your consistency. Even the best golf swing can be ruined if you lose your balance after the perfect shot.

Many golfers are surprised to find they are not able to hold their finish position.

Try holding your finish position until your golf ball stops moving. You may be surprised at how difficult this can be. Finishing your shot off balance is indicative of poor balance during your swing as well and highlights an important area to work on.


5. Do more drills on the range and less thinking on the course

Making swing changes on the driving range will allow you to enjoy your round on the course and prevent swing thoughts from slowing you down.

Identify what parts of your game need improving, work on them on the range, use the range’s targets, make changes that feel different and let it all fall into place on the course. The less thinking you do on the course, the better you will play — and the more fun you will have!


6. Adopt a consistent pre-shot routine

Bad rounds often take place after a momentary lapse in focus and concentration. Pre-shot routines do not have to be as methodical as what you see on tour, but a consistent pre-shot routine is still key to better scoring.

Adopt a Consistent Pre-Shot Routine


7. Develop a strong strategy/game plan

The world’s best golfers play the world’s toughest golf courses. The majority of club golfers play local clubs that are not tricked up or overly long.

If you can come up with a basic game plan and stick to it, you are guaranteed better scores. Examples of game plans include:

  • Hitting irons off certain holes
  • Laying up short of hazards
  • Being more sensible around the course


8. Dont allow a bad shot to negatively affect you

Even the best golfers hit bad shots from time to time. After a bad shot, it is key to downplay your bad shot, adjust, and continue on with the round.

Remaining calm and objective can prevent your game from taking a turn for the worst.


Looking For More Tips on Improving Your Golf Consistency?

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