The last few years have thrown some major curveballs, forcing many of us to suddenly work from home, homeschool, and lockdown. The way we live our lives has changed drastically, with zoom meetings and social distancing now becoming parts of our life that we consider the “norm”.

Golf has also changed immensely during this period. The pandemic brought about a revitalisation to the world of golf, with millions of new players taking up the game as a new hobby and a great way to get outside and enjoy some fresh air.

However, many new and current players have had one thing missing: help from coaching. With social distancing and lockdowns, golf coaching and tuition have moved online, with apps like Skillest becoming crucial to improving your game.

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How Skillest Can Change Your Golf Game

Since becoming more active on Instagram with more instructional Reels and Instagram Live Lessons, I have started receiving messages from individuals from all corners of the globe requesting lessons and tips on how to improve their golf game.

Luckily, Skillest allows me to view Andrew’s swing in Washington State, USA, Ramon’s short game in San Diego or even Ant’s swing from his garage in Rosebery! There is no limit to the customised help I can safely provide to any golf enthusiast, anywhere in the world.

The process is simple:
  • Golfers record their swing from down the line (behind) or face on and then those videos are uploaded onto the skillest app.
  • The video is then thoroughly analysed
  • I then create a personalised video with follow-up drills and exercises specifically for the student to implement and work on
  • The student then works on their changes at the range, in the comfort of their home or wherever works for them!

The Problem With One-Size-Fits-All Approach To Golf Coaching

Some of the most frustrating things to hear as a golf coach are:

  • “How do I stop slicing the ball, Rick Shiels showed me a drill on YouTube and it is not quite working”
  • “Phil Mickelson’s hinge and hold theory in his instructional DVD looks awesome, but it’s not quite working for me”
  • “Tiger Woods theory on swinging from into out has me still slicing the ball”

Whilst I am a big fan of many different methodologies, coaching styles, and coaches out there (I use them for reference myself!), I feel like there is a personal touch that is missing.

We are all built differently, wired differently, and have our own unique swing patterns and habits. Due to these differences, it would be crazy for us to think that a textbook, magazine, or instructional video will be the answer to all our golfing issues!

What Are the Benefits of Online Golf Training With Skillest?

One of the biggest benefits of using Skillest for online golf coaching is the opportunity it provides for direct feedback and questions. Skillest allows for comments, so there is always a conversation that permits the student to continually ask where they are at with their swing. It also allows me as a coach to provide feedback and more drills to work on if necessary.

Additional benefits of Skillest include:

  • Fast feedback – No need to wait two weeks for the next lesson
  • All videos from the beginning are stored within the app, making it a convenient and organised way for the student to view their progress
  • The coach delivers a clear and comprehensive message to the student
  • Player can digest the information at his or her own pace and review the process whenever is necessary
  • Consistent, reliable communication and contact between coach and student
  • Regular communication provides accountability by confrming whether the practice and drills are being carried out correctly
  • Allows for long term learning rather than short term performance gains
  • Puts the client first
  • Provides “bite-sized” chunks of information rather than an overwhelming amount of techniques and drills to work on
  • 24/7 access

Skillest and other online golf coaching platforms allow a coach to analyse a student’s swing, from posture, grip, setup and stance (key fundamentals) and how the swing will function from there.

Once errors are detected (which YouTube cannot do), personalised drills are then prescribed. This way, there is a better path to improvement, and it is specifically created for each player.

Online lessons are NOT just something you do because you cannot get to a coach, they should be something that holds you accountable.

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Want To Learn More About Online Golf Training With Skillest?

YouTube, Google and golf magazines do not know who you are, or anything about your golf swing, weaknesses, or abilities. Through working directly with an online golf coach through Skillest, you get an experience that is directly customised to your abilities and goals. This process ensures faster progress, accountability, and the potential for massive improvement to your golf game.

Whether you are just starting out or have played for years, Skillest can help you address poor form, improve your technique, work toward your goals, and improve your all-around game.

If you would like to find out more information about online golf lessons through the Skillest app, please contact me. I’d be happy to answer any of your questions and help get you signed up and on your way to improving your golf skills.

Have a look at my online coaching golf packages to see what could work for you. I love sharing my passion for golf with my clients and watching the improvements in their golf game. Skillset (skillest) is one of my favourite tools for assisting my clients and is one of the quickest ways to improve your golf game, but I also post golf tips regularly on my blog.

My goal is to offer a comprehensive approach to improving your game so you can get to the level you want. I also offer my free online golf academy, a program with a wealth of information from drills, short and long game specifics, and more to help improve your golf game.


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Bobby is fast earning a reputation as one of the best and most innovative golf coaches in Australia. He brings over 15 years of international experience to his teaching. From playing professionally on the Sunshine Tour in South Africa, to his adventures studying and coaching in San Diego and Berlin, Bobby has also hosted clients on many of the world's best golf courses.

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