In 1999, when I was studying at The San Diego Golf Academy, I was given my first taste of video analysis. Two significantly large cameras, capturing angles from both face on and down the line, mounted on two walls showed me exactly what I was doing in my swing. The quality was grainy and I could just barely figure what position my hands and club was in.

Three years later in 2002, during my first full-time coaching role aboard The World ship, we had yet another state of the art teaching studio. Two high speed cameras linked to a computer captured views from behind and face on. The videos were then saved to a CD so students could keep footage of their lesson as a keepsake.


The Effects of Modern Technology on Learning and Coaching Golf

Fast forward to today where the video analysis landscape has changed completely. Swings can now be recorded on any current mobile device with video quality at 240 frames per second in up to 4K video quality.

As opposed to the clunky, cumbersome devices with grainy quality in early years, today’s technology does not require mounting or clunky CDs to load on a computer. Everything is literally at your fingertips.


Creating Accountability With Video Analysis


Video analysis creates accountability
Video analysis creates accountability within your game.


Whilst modern technology is a fantastic thing, it does come with a drawback — TOO MUCH INFORMATION! It’s really easy to access “how to stop slicing” on YouTube, go to and look at “bomb your driver like Bryson”, check out Luke Donald’s Instagram profile on “how to hole more 9 foot putts”, and so much more. I think you are getting the picture?

Now, whilst I have no issues with people accessing these various sources, remember that your swing is unique to you. Trying to fix something that might not actually be related to the way that YOU actually swing the golf club will not do much to improve your game.

YouTube cannot analyze how you swing the golf club, Golf Digest does not see your putting stroke, and Instagram has no idea where your hands are at impact. So whilst all of these sources are good for reference, don’t ever feel like these avenues will actually fix your golf game.

Video never lies, and that runs especially true once a student has seen their swing on a screen in front of them. It is clear what needs to be changed, especially when viewed by an experienced golf professional. This is when the coach and student can observe the footage, work together, and come up with a training plan specific to the student’s abilities and goals.


The Importance of Video Analysis in My Golf Coaching


Using video analysis to improve your golf game
I use advanced video analysis to improve your golf game.


Without fail, every single one of my golf lessons has at least one swing recorded from face on, as well as one taken from down the line. This gives the student immediate feedback on what needs to be worked on. More importantly, it allows them a chance to ask the questions on certain positions they see themselves getting into.

Once the initial videos have been taken and seen from both angles, the patterns and habits need to be identified and explained through concepts. Most of the time, concepts are explained and compared to other sports that the student has played. I will also film the student performing a throwing motion to show how similar the movement is to the golf swing.

A good golf lesson is all about both clear explanation from the coach as well as clear understanding from the student. Keeping the message simple and covering key concepts is the secret recipe to any successful lesson. This can be illustrated very clearly through video analysis.


Remote Coaching: The Ultimate Collaboration

We are very fortunate to be living in an age where we can stay in close contact from thousands of miles away.

I trust the amazing CoachNow app to help me stay connected with all of my students, whether it be here in Sydney or as far away as my hometown Gaborone in Botswana where I have a number of students!

A golf lesson is nothing without feedback from BOTH the coach and student. While I can give drills and “homework” to do, it will only help the student if the exercises are followed and the work is put in.

The more I get from a student — whether it be statistics, a scorecard from a round of golf, or updated swings with drills they have been doing — the more I can give them back.

CoachNow allows me, as a professional golf coach, to analyse and critique a swing through its analysis tools. Further, it allows the student to ask questions in return, upload videos of their swing, take pictures of their scorecards, or upload statistics from their chosen stats app. The coach can then get back with training plans and a videoed description of drills that need implementing.


What Does Remote Coaching Include?

I offer a personalised remote coaching portal to help students anywhere in the world stay accountable in their golfing progress. It includes helpful tools such as:

  • Video analysis
  • Ongoing communication and personalised feedback
  • Tailored drills for your practise areas
  • The option to combine remote coaching with other training options for the ultimate way to improve your golf game


Curious to Learn More About Remote Golf Coaching?

If you are reading this blog outside of Sydney, or cannot access me for in-person lessons, please feel free to reach out to me via email regarding remote coaching options.

I would love to help you improve your golf game through remote coaching. You will also get access to my online library of drills and courses, and we can then hold you accountable through video analysis!

Also, ask me how to receive my free Ebook – The Ultimate Guide to Become a Better Golfer.


hi, I’m Bobby Walia

Bobby is fast earning a reputation as one of the best and most innovative golf coaches in Australia. He brings over 15 years of international experience to his teaching. From playing professionally on the Sunshine Tour in South Africa, to his adventures studying and coaching in San Diego and Berlin, Bobby has also hosted clients on many of the world's best golf courses.

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